Recruitment and selection of employees
Personnel and development consulting

Recruitment and selection of employees

peopledrive Preparation or update of position competency model
peopledrive Creation of advertisement according to current trends
peopledrive Choice of suitable advertising sites
peopledrive Using other sources like direct search, social sites, schools etc.
peopledrive Administration of advertisement and database of applicants
peopledrive Various forms of external or internal selection process - face-to-face, phone or video interviews
peopledrive Assistance during face-to-face interviews between applicants and managers right at a client’s location
peopledrive Expert assessment of external or internal applicants and recommendation of their development
peopledrive Preparation and coordination of assessment centres
peopledrive Wide offer of tests of practical knowledge and skills
peopledrive Verifications of language level – English, German, French
peopledrive Psychodiagnostics
Assessment and development centre

peopledrive A/C as effective method of selection of employees among external or internal applicants
(A/C is all-day or half-day selection process during which applicants for an open job position participate in various group and individual tasks being observed by more assessors. The goal is objective and professional assessment of applicants in the context of required competencies, i.e. suitability for the open position, definition of future potential, development needs as well as potential risks.)
peopledrive Suitable method especially for positions requiring interpersonal and self-management competences
peopledrive D/C as motivational tool for competence and personality development of employees
(D/C is one-day up to more-days development activity which focus on participant not in the context of concrete position as in the case of A/C but from the perspective of whole potential development within a company. With its design D/C is similar to A/C, however it includes different types of model situations and is oriented more towards learning and self-knowledge process already in the course of D/C-self.)
peopledrive Suitable way how to appraise key employees, strengthen their loyalty, start-up growing period etc.
peopledrive Individual A/C or D/C in case of shortage of applicants/employees, or if the group form is not suitable; other alternatives such as combination of A/C and D/C in one day etc.
peopledrive Our own know-how and methodology, psychodiagnostics
peopledrive Long-time experience in role of both internal observers and external assessors
peopledrive Design and model situations tailored to open position (A/C) or company culture and needs (D/C) of a specific client
peopledrive Training of client's employees (HR officers or managers of client) for the role of A/C or D/C assessors
peopledrive Final assessment reports with expert evaluation of strengths and development areas and recommendation of suitable development for concrete positon (A/C) or in the context of development needs in general (D/C)
HR interim management

peopledrive Modern trend in case of immediate personnel needs in the fields of recruitment, HR business partnering and other HR services
peopledrive Full and expert deputizing for any HR position or the whole team
peopledrive Independent and temporary professional support in crisis situations, client does not lose direct influence on result
peopledrive Personal attendance in client premises or working remotely
peopledrive Project duration set according to client needs
HR consulting

peopledrive Consulting in labour code field
peopledrive Set-up and control of process of newcomers’ adaptation
peopledrive Talent development and succession planning – identification, motivation and development of key workers and their successors
peopledrive Creation or update of other internal HR processes
peopledrive Establishment of the key role of HR officer, HR business partner, HR manager etc. in a company where HR office has not existed so far or has been a part of another department – set-up of processes, recruitment of a suitable candidate and ensuring the smooth engagement of the role as well as the person into the organisational structure of the company
peopledrive HR marketing – company career webpage, social sites, job fairs etc.
peopledrive Employer branding – consulting and coordination of cooperation with universities and colleges
peopledrive Internal communication – consulting and creation of content aimed at strengthening of employee engagement and loyalty
Management coaching and mentoring

peopledrive Professional development for managers in the areas like people leadership and motivation, team development, HR strategy, effective change management, personnel audit etc.
peopledrive Suitable both for junior and experienced managers in HR and any other deparments where the role of employees is key
peopledrive Dialogue managed by a certificated coach or mentor experienced in related area. Coach develops coachee's way of thinking and supports him/her in finding a self-reliant solution without offering his/her own point of view. Mentor is on the other hand more in the role of consultant who offers a piece of advice, suggests a solution and gives a feedback.
peopledrive With our clients we confirm in advance whether coaching, mentoring or combination of both methods will be used. Chosen form should reflect experience level of a client and urgency of situation concerned.
peopledrive One-time or long-term cooperation, personal or video meeting
Personnel audit

peopledrive Review of job duties within each position including assessment of time dimension
peopledrive Proposal of functional organisational structure
peopledrive Creation or adjustment of job descriptions including optimal lists of duties
peopledrive Definition of replacement and potential duplicate activities
peopledrive Analysis of employees’ strengths and weaknesses, definition of development needs
peopledrive Identification of talents and set-up of suitable development plan
Development and education

peopledrive Preparation and coordination of development centres including recommendation of suitable development
peopledrive Trainings according to client needs (Stress management, From paternal leave to work)
peopledrive Coaching and individual development advisory
peopledrive Support in difficult work and private situations
HR operations and payroll

peopledrive Professional consultation of employment documents for all types of employment relationship (employment contracts, amendments, warning letters, dismissals, agreements, etc.)
peopledrive Creating a complete template of the document, editing existing documentation including recommendations for other possible alternatives
peopledrive Comprehensive maintenance and processing of payroll accounting and personnel agenda of your employees: collection and control of payroll documents, calculation of wages, preparation of electronic payment orders, sending of electronic pay slips and other activities according to the client needs
peopledrive Communication, preparation and transmission of documents to the authorities: creation of social and health insurance statements, maintenance of wage and pension record sheets, annual tax statements and other payroll agenda statements
peopledrive Computerization of the entire payroll agenda process with modern procedures and technologies that will lead to time savings and a perfect overview
Employment of foreigners

peopledrive Processing and preparation of an application for inclusion in the Qualified worker programme
peopledrive Completion of all necessary requirements for obtaining an employee card for future employees
peopledrive Ensuring communication with future employees from the beginning of the entire project until arrival in the Czech Republic and transfer to the employer