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We are the team of experienced professionals in the fields of human resources, communication, psychology, professional and personal development. We are experts who with true interest help companies and individuals to succeed. We have been offering our services since 2014 and due to our long-standing experience in internal human resources departments of both large and small companies we know the best way how to provide the services of recruitment and personnel consulting. Our goal is to work as we would be a part of our client company and to perfectly understand its company culture. Thus we provide services not only the best but primarily the most suitable for both employers and its current or potential employees. According to client needs we can work directly as HR interim managers.

Lucie Řízková

Executive director, senior consultant

Lucie has gained her experience working for many years in the management and internal HR for various international companies. Among others she held the position of Senior HR Business Partner in an American bank. Since 2014 she has been working as consultant in human resources field for varied company clientele across industries. She is the founder, executive director and expert guarantor of Peopledrive. She develops relationships with our clients and launches complex recruitment projects such as HR interim management. Her specialization is further management consultancy, personnel audit and talent development. In her free time she likes going into the nature, studying Spanish language and travelling around Europe.

Lucie’s motto: "If you seek to understand the whole universe, you will understand nothing at all. If you seek to understand yourself, you will understand the whole universe." (Buddha)

Interview with Lucie

Lucia Kondrátová  
Project manager

Lucia is experienced manager of projects and people. She lead teams and operations in industries like banking, call centres, data management and customer care. The field of information systems and technologies is very close to her too. In Peopledrive she manages, interconnects and innovates all internal activities in order to make our clients as well as our team happy. She also does individual consultancy with focus on professional and personal growth. She spends her free time with her family. She loves literature, she finds inspiration in motivational and esoteric books, to relax she enjoys reading the work of Vlastimil Vondruška. She is actively interested in the Eastern medicine. And a big role in her colourful life plays Spanish language and Latin dances.

Lucia’s motto: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." (O. Wilde)

Tereza Nečasová

Senior recruiter, trainer and mentor

Tereza has been working in the field of human resources since 2008 and has varied experience both as internal HR business partner and external recruiter and consultant. In Peopledrive she is responsible for various recruitment and internal projects. She specializes in assessment and development centres, both methodology and implementation. Further, she works as trainer of soft skills and individual mentor. She enjoys sharing her experience in podcasts JobTalk, minutky z HR světa. She gained her experience from abroad too, via study placement in the United Kingdom and Germany and HR work placement in Poland. She is passionate traveller. She is actively interested in psychology and likes music and dancing. Her big passion is foreign languages. She speaks English, French and German.

Tereza’s motto: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." (R. W. Emerson)

Rozhovor s Terezou

Lea Winterová

Senior consultant

Lea has been working in human resources for more than 20 years. In Peopledrive she manages recruitment and HR interim projects. She has vast experience with talent management including creation and realisation of assessment and development centres and projects for enhancement of soft skills. She has been cooperating long-term with clientele from insurance, telecommunication and manufacturing industries. She studied psychotherapy and owns international certification for transactional analysis. She completed training of cognitive-behavioural psychology and relaxation techniques. She loves “hardcore” travelling into mountain, desert and other extreme destinations. Within her colourful scope of free time activities once can also find creative writing, fashion design and styling.

Lea’s motto: "Jen nepatrně jsem se každého dne odchýlil, a jsem o celý život jinde. / I deviated just a little bit each day, and I'm elsewhere by whole life" (L. Vaculík)