What do our clients say about us?

Andrea Hrdová, UNIQA Management Services, Senior Recruiter & Talent Specialist

On cooperation with Peopledrive I appreciate an excellent overview of areas in which they provide their services. Professional and at the same time friendly approach. Ability to advise and solve the situation. Flexibility a willingness to help with maximum effort. Reliability and ideas. The Peopledrive team has large professional knowledge and there is nothing like unsolvable problem for them. And they manage all with the smile on their faces!

Jana Kučerová, MALFINI, HR Director

Longerm cooperation with Peopledrive worked at the excellent level. Professional performance. Extreme working pace. Above standard services. Ability to understand complicated requirement. Peopledrive searches and selects employees „throuhgh your eyes“ and that is what defferentiates them from other personnel agencies.

Milan Kohout, Adient Bor, HR Manager

We have started cooperating with Peopledrive in the situation when we needed to hire new employees to triple the volume of our business orders. In the first 10 months of our cooperation over 100 positions were successfully fulfilled, positions for top and middle management, experts into production, specialists for quality, logistics, launch or finance department. High value was everyday presence of Peopledrive colleagues at our premises, their direct communication with managers, including understanding of specifics of particular positions and company culture in general. I appreciate how significantly Peopledrive helped us in the times of company’s massive development. I cannot say anything else than: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jana Kombercová, Raiffeisenbank, HR Specialist

If I should summarize cooperation with Peopledrive in a couple of words, what comes to my mind is responsibility, willingness, friendly and human behaviour. The agency helps us filling positions in a specific region in the long term and applicants recommended by them to our selection processes came always very well prepared, had great knowledge about the position and in the majority of cases we presented them with the job offer because they really fulfilled our requirements. Peopledrive consultants were very conscientious in order to understand the position in the best way and that was reflected in their advertisement too which didn’t contain only general statements but was able to accurately sketch job description as well as the atmosphere in the work location. I am grateful and thank for this way of cooperation when the agency doesn’t focus on quantity but recommends only high-quality applicants for whom it firmly stands up and thus it can save us much unnecessary work and time.

Radim Štryncl, Production supervisor

After the registration with Peopledrive Ms. Lucie promptly contacted me. During the first consultation we talked about my motivation for the job switch, what options I have, and she helped me to update my CV. On our second meeting she advised me what to say during an interview and thanks to her I also realised new viewpoints which did not cross my mind before. After sending my updated CV to a concrete company they contacted me immediately and after two rounds of selection process we finally agreed on even higher position than I initially applied for. I think that it happened also thanks to Ms. Lucie. Thank you very much!

Jiří Porteš, Caverion Česká republika, Managing Director a CEO

I don’t have good experience with personnel agencies but I was persuaded to cooperate with one of them. People, actually ladies :-), from Peopledrive proved to me that this service can be provided in a different and especially better way. During approximately three weeks a new colleague started to work with us. I was very satisfied. If I should assess the cooperation in one sentence, paraphrase of one Czech film catch-phrase comes to my mind – "In a sort of way different HR agency".

Ing. Petr Švec, MBA, EP ENERGY TRADING, Managing director

Peopledrive helps us to fill various vacancies across the whole company and regions in which we operate. They coordinate recruitment of expert and managerial positions for example in departments of sales, customer care, IT, law and accounting agenda. After a newcomer starts working with us, we further cooperate on successful adaptation of the new colleague into the team. On their work we appreciate especially professional approach, speed of recommending an applicant and filling the vacancy.

Jarmila Dědinová, Cestovní kancelář Fischer, HR manager

Regarding cooperation with Peopledrive I appreciate reliability, speed at which they recommend applicants and that applicants come to interviews well prepared, informed and motivated. Together we already filled couple of various positions. Comparing to other agencies success rate is tremendous. And above all none of selected applicants did not leave or did not have to leave in probation period! I am looking forward to further cooperation and I thank to the Peopledrive team.

Roman Podzimek, Key Business Manager, DOPAG Eastern Europe

We addressed Peopledrive based on recommendation. At that time we were fully devoted to foundation of our company branch and hadn’t either energy or time to ensure suitable environment for job interviews. The agency did all in a „turnkey“ way – professionally held interview, time organisation without delays, dignified interview location and mainly excellent assessment of applicants which corresponded perfectly with ours. Cooperation in a slightly unformal atmosphere, which Peopledrive colleagues created from the first moment, was very pleasant. Initial recommendation was worth it.

Radek Bendl, Český svaz házené, Prezident

We decided to use services od Peopledrive in the field of personnel audit in order to clearly map current state and define further direction in personnel development. Professional work of Peopledrive and output of common discussion are for us, operating in a very complex and competitive sport environment, important guideline how to succeed and at the same time enable further development in the future.

What do our applicants say about us?

Jakub Lavrenčík, Customer care manager

Tereza guided me through the selection process in an absolutely professional way, from the beginning until the end. I received an absolutely concrete answer to every question, therefore I didn’t have a chance to hesitate and finally I got the job. I appreciate her friendly approach, high interest during selection process and perfect readiness that assured me that I was in right hands. Although a couple of months already passed, I am still in contact with Tereza, by which she confirms her high level of drive and professionalism that she provides to both applicants and employers.

Petra Lovčinská, Project Manager

I much recommend consultation with Peopledrive experts to all who stand on work crossroad and consider which way to go further in their career. Professional approach, nice and open atmosphere, ability to feel needs of a client, overview about labour market, tips how to decide and choose the right maybe even non-standard and surprising opportunity for you.

Kamila Holečková, System analyst

I would like to praise and recommend cooperation with Peopledrive. Communication with Petra was excellent. After sending my CV response and interview passed very quickly. All the information that I needed regarding the selection process I receive and it fit the reality. I am also pleased with her follow-up interest and care after the selection process ended. I appreciate very much such an approach.

Olekszij Bikanov, Quality technician

I want to thank Karolina for her great job and professional assistance! She guided me through the whole selection process and provided me with all pieces of needed information. I also appreciate a lot her advice and support with many different issues during my relocation from Ukraine and adaptation in the Czech republic.

Václav Pavlík, Logistics manager

I would like to thank in this way for very good cooperation with Peopledrive, concretely with you colleague Petra, during my searching for a new employment in the field of logistics management. Level of communication, knowledge and overall behaviour during our meeting was much above average. Petra’ approach is friendly and pleasant, still very professional. I am happy that I can provide positive feedback. I can assure you that many other workers in HR field would not from my point of view receive such an evaluation.

Mahmoud Ezzat, PLC Technician

I would like to thank Karolína from Peopledrive for excellent cooperation, for her permanent valuable advice and friendly attitude. I always received all the information I needed to all my questions. I appreciate reliability and honesty during the whole hiring process so I am grateful and delighted to provide positive feedback. With Karolina I was in professional hands, thank you very much, you are one of the best recruiters.

Jan Králik, Sales representative

The job interview that I passed with Tereza via Skype was at the professional level. Tereza made friendly and relaxed impression and I felt she knew what she did. Thanks to her approach she made me talk about my most important experience and skills suitable for the position I applied for. And I am still on that position. Many thanks!

Jan Šimánek, Plant manager

Cooperation with Peopledrive was during the whole time at professional level. The most I remember very interestingly written advertisement, which awakened my interest in the position. Overall I was very satisfied with communication and the course of interviews. Thank you. Keep on like this!